Sangwin Group was founded in the 1880s as a building and civil engineering business. Over the years the business has grown organically from it’s original care roots.

Sangwin is family business with a solid history and a good story to tell over the last century of traiding.

The Objectives

Sangwin was looking for friendly company (just like them), who could provide bespoke mobile tariffs and suitable devices as well as mobile broadband for it’s workforce.


Challenger Mobile Communications provides 86 connections (Mobile & Mobile Broadband) to Sangwin. All devices and tariffs are matched to individual needs, depending on the work they do (e.g. hard wearing devices for building site employees vs. more fancy models for those at HQ).

Sangwin became Challenger’s customer over 12 years ago as they appreciate the work we do. With excellent service from a dedicated account manager, phones answered issues and dealt with 24/7 and ongoing bill analysis which helps the business to better manage their spend.

The service we receive is exemplary. When we have any queries the response is almost instant and we are always updated on any action taken.“

Rob Tolson, Group Accountant

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O2 Direct Partner Network - Digital Excellence 2015 to 2017, Customer Excellence 2015 to 2017
25th Anniversary - Established since 1991 - Business Communication Specialists

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Technologies include...

  • Alcatel
  • Apple
  • Brightstar - Serving Wireless
  • Caterpillar
  • Cloud & Fibre - Keeping our customers connected
  • Crystal Ball
  • Daisy Distribution
  • EE
  • Highstream Solutions
  • HTC
  • LG - Life’s Good
  • McAfee
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • O2
  • Office 365
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Soti
  • Vanilla IP
  • Vodafone

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