Posted on 23/04/18

Looking for a mobile phone plan for your business that combines superior functionality with a low price tag? Balancing cost against data usage, call requirements and devises is tricky for any business owner, IT pro or Telecoms Manager. How do you find the best deal on behalf of your business?

Here we will offer some useful hints and tips for corporate representatives, such as yourself, before embarking on a mission to source a set of slick, glossy and uber-expensive mobile phones for your team.

Change is afoot in business mobile technology

Innovations in technology, better network infrastructures, greater competition and higher levels of investment in service are all driving change in business communications. This is to the benefit of employers nationwide. 

The pace at which this change is delivered is particularly evident in the telecommunications sector, with mobile leading the charge and expected to grow significantly over the next decade. But how can business owners ensure that they keep pace with the latest mobile developments and challenge their service provider to offer the best deal possible? The trick is to shop around for a mobile phone plan that is well-aligned to your business and the needs of its people.  

Paying too much for your business mobile phone plan?

Mobile plans for businesses are, rather predictably, segmented by the number of devises required, with economies of scale as your needs increase. But that doesn’t mean that small business owners can’t benefit from a plan tailored to their individual needs.

  • For small businesses (typically under 10 handsets) – While you’re still growing your business, you need to keep the bills in check. But as a savvy business owner, you know that even more important than price is value for money. Look for a service provider that will pro-actively notify you if swapping your tariff could be beneficial.
  • For medium sized businesses (10+ handsets) – Is your business growing rapidly? In which case the number of mobile phones you require in 18 months’ time may vary significantly from where you are now. So you should out the flexibility to increase handsets as needed.
  • For large enterprises (over 2000 handsets) – service may come to the fore for big companies as the maintenance of devises and the number of questions received from users can become extremely labour intensive.

Top tipalign your phone plan to the size of your audience, not only now, but where you believe you’ll be in the near future.

Optimising data allowances could be a great way to save money

Mobile Data Volume

According to GSMA Intelligence, mobile data volumes are predicted to grow 25% year on year to 2020. The time people spend on their phones is also increasing, but it’s not phone calls we’re making, as an IDC report, titled ‘How do Smartphones Keep Users Engaged’, showed only 16% of the time we spend on smart phones is used to make calls, with the remaining 84% invested in ‘other things’. 

This shifting trend towards consumers opting to utilise their mobile as their main electronic devise, favoured over desktops, could prove costly to a business, equating to high data usage bills. This could be particularly true if your team needs access to key systems while out on the road.

On the flip side, many small business owners spend most of their days hooked up to their Wi-Fi, and data usage may in fact be less than you might expect. Therefore paying for a top of the range, unlimited data plan might be an unnecessary expense.

Top tip: Be sure you know your actual data usage before hunting around for a deal.

The good, the bad and the hardy -
Choosing the right mobile devise

It’s a given that you’ll want a smartphone with top-notch security, an easy-to-use interface, access to business apps and tools, and probably a nice big screen so you can see your emails and read documents.

Ask yourself, is this devise suitable to the job at hand?

  • For on-the-road sales teams – Does it offer functionality, ease of use and will it deliver credibility with clients?
  • When you need something tough - Constantly repairing cracked screens and broken devises can be exhausting for the poor soul tasked with maintenance. If this is the case either look for plans that offer a repair service or consider a more specialist, sturdy mobile.
  • If safety is a concern – Tracked devises can assist if your employees work in sometimes precarious environments.
  • Operating systems galore - Which operating system should you choose? iOS, Android and Windows devises all have their relative merits, but which horse should you back? Well ask yourself, which can your team best support in house? And if the answer is none, do you have sufficient support externally to compensate? Will there likely be any compatibility issues with your in house systems? 
  • Perhaps you’d like to keep it SIMple? - A SIM-only package provides business owners with ultimate flexibility and a greatly reduced cost, but it’s not quite that straightforward. Typically these plans are only really suitable if you already have devises which are fit for purpose and likely to remain that way for many months to come.

Top tip survey your employees to gauge their top priorities in a mobile phone. Look for trends and narrow your field of search accordingly.

Service should be a priority

You’re busy, your team are equally busy and your clients are demanding, so you don’t have time to hang around waiting for a file to download or a promotional video to play. Neither can you risk a make-or-break call not getting through. Country-wide network coverage and a speedy connection to the internet shouldn’t be ‘nice to haves’, so encourage for your users to notify you if either of these services are letting them down.

Top tip - Be sure to demand a quality service and be prepared to move on if you don’t receive it.

For the jet-setting team

If you have employees working abroad on regular occasions then roaming charges may play a key role in your decision making process. For those travelling outside of the EU these charges and other penalties for going over data allowances can prove costly. 

Top tip – do your homework not just on standard tariff rates, but on overseas usage as well.

Are you paying too much for your business mobile phone plan?

To determine which mobile phone plan might be best for your business you should team up with a trusted provider, but first you must profile your internal audience and assess their needs accordingly.


Challenger Communications are one of the few O2 approved partners in the UK. This unique relationship allows us to offer bespoke packages to our end user whilst delivering exceptional service. So if you’d like to challenge the mobile phone plan that your current provider has your business subscribed to, why not give us a call on  0800 269 546


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