UK Business Opportunities Without Investment

UK Business Opportunities Without Investment24/05/18

Seeking UK Business Opportunities That Allow You To Earn Money Without Investment? Look No FurtherThe Challenger mobile phone lead referral scheme helps enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals to earn money without having to make any up-front investment. All we need is your passion, drive and determination to take this UK-based business opportunity... Read more...

Challenger Makes A Wish Come True

Challenger Makes A Wish Come True01/05/18

Here at Challenger Mobile Communications we’ve been having a little fun around the office of late and all the while supporting a very worthy cause that is close to our hearts.A range of events have been hosted at Challenger HQ over recent weeks in support of When You Wish Upon A Star, a Nottingham based charity that grants the wishes of children... Read more...

Finding the right mobile phone partner

Finding the right mobile phone partner23/04/18

Looking for a mobile phone plan for your business that combines superior functionality with a low price tag? Balancing cost against data usage, call requirements and devises is tricky for any business owner, IT pro or Telecoms Manager. How do you find the best deal on behalf of your business?Here we will offer some useful hints and tips for corporate... Read more...

The best tracking system for SME’s

The best tracking system for SME’s19/03/18

Thousands of companies are opting for some kind of vehicle or worker tracking in the 21st century but how do you know if it’s right for your employees, and if it is which type? Let’s set out some straightforward questions to help identify which service would benefit you best.First of all, it’s essential to which type will suit best... Read more...

Mobile Accessories Shop

Mobile Accessories Shop14/02/18

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Business Mobile Accessory Web Shop!We are continuously adding value and improving customer service by giving you access to a complete Business Mobile Accessory service with an exclusive 20% discount on all mobile accessories. Remember to use your discount code: CHALLENGER.  ... Read more...

The Best Business Mobile Phones for Your Employees

The Best Business Mobile Phones for Your Employees 02/02/18

To successfully choose the best option for your business mobile phones, you will need to come at the options from a few different angles. Think about how they will be used, who is going to see them, and how much you realistically want to spend (or are allowed to spend!).First element to consider while choosing mobile phones for businessDo you have... Read more...

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