Posted on 01/09/17

If you’re looking for a connectivity management platform that will allow your business to operate more efficiently and effectively, then it’s well worth taking a look at the benefits of M2M, or ‘machine to machine’. M2M is the ideal solution to managing data transfers - via devices and machines - between different employees and departments, giving you a central system for streamlining operational processes.

It’s no secret that we’re living in a world increasingly powered by technology – but as we continue to progress, we also need to find more reliable and secure ways for our machines and devices to talk to one another. Instant communication and easy management of information enables us to reduce time-wasting, thereby simultaneously increasing productivity – making us more competitive. It’s a no-brainer really isn’t it?

8 key business benefits of M2M

Because of its data transfer capabilities, M2M can be used for sharing and storing information for administration and operational purposes, monitoring, diagnostics and notifications or alerts.

There are loads of benefits of M2M, let’s take a look at some of them...

  1. Reduce costs – M2M is all about efficiency and automating tasks, and you can soon see this play out in your costs. It reduces the need for physical visits to monitor or manage machines and assets, allows you to carry out calculations for logistical benefits and also optimises many of your processes for faster working. It can also be used to save waste e.g. monitoring goods in transit to ensure optimum temperatures so products won’t perish
  2. Continuous communication – M2M never sleeps, so your data is always available in real-time, allowing to measure and monitor 24/7, 365 days a year – and because information is stored on a cloud-based connectivity management platform, you can access it from anywhere via a smartphone, tablet or computer
  3. Scalable – no business stands still, so neither do your requirements. M2M is completely scalable, so it can grow with your business. You can connect any number of assets or devices, and adjust to changing needs
  4. Improved quality – your services and operations can only increase in quality when you have this level of control over monitoring and management e.g. you can attend to issues much faster if you can carry out the work remotely
  5. Focus on priorities – because your M2M solution will be taking care of so many other business tasks for you, you can direct your time, energy and focus on more profitable activities or business development – helping you to grow stronger, faster
  6. Security – M2M management platforms and data transfers use encryption and authentication to ensure your information is always completely secure
  7. Work smarter – once you have your M2M devices connected to your platform, you can start to redefine roles within the business, tasking staff with more productive pursuits now that so much of your admin is being done automatically and without the need for human intervention
  8. Instant alerts – whatever your industry, M2M can alert you to any issue in an instant – particularly useful for medical organisations, maintenance services, logistics and warehousing

As you can see, M2M can add real value to your business in a variety of ways. Of course the true benefits that really apply to your organisation will only be fully realised when you start a conversation with a service provider – as they’ll listen to your operational model and highlight areas where it can best serve you.

By accessing this kind of tailored support, you’ll be amazed at the advantages and efficiencies a smart, modern, connectivity management platform can bring you.

Understanding M2M applications

Some businesses will be able to immediately identify areas where they could apply M2M to improve processes, but for others, it may not seem quite so obvious.

To give you an example for some general context, M2M is already applied in many modern devices and technologies even around the home, such as televisions and fridges – think smart fridges that let you order food from a touchscreen embedded in the door.

But now, back to business – here are some M2M applications that are currently being applied in a variety of industries:

  • Asset tracking and monitoring – this is probably one of the most prevalent areas that M2M is being used for, and one of the earliest adopters too. Think tracking of stolen vehicles, fleet and logistics management, monitoring tank levels etc
  • Utilities – from local utility provisions to the big players in the oil world, M2M is being used to manage smart grids, solar harvesting and meter readings, and to assess the presence, flow and pressures of oil at drilling sites
  • Medicine and healthcare – from collating and sharing critical patient data, to monitoring vulnerable services users and even usage in administering treatments, M2M is slowly helping to transform medical and healthcare services
  • Security – from access control to integrated security systems made up of many individual components, M2M has many applications in this field. It allows devices and sensors to communicate, identifying intrusions and alerting monitoring stations – to name just a few things!
  • Supply chain and warehousing – keeping track of stock levels, shipments and storage conditions are just a few M2M applications that can be used to help manage busy warehouses and keep control of product movement
  • Production lines – if you use robotics and automated machines for manufacturing products, food or beverages, M2M can help the different parts of your line to communicate more effectively

This is only a snippet of the vast and varied world of M2M applications – insurance, telemetry and traffic control are a few more... but basically pretty much anything that functions with or on data can be linked to a connectivity management platform to help your business.

Getting help with bespoke M2M solutions

If you’ve decided M2M is worth looking into, then do make sure you get expert advice from a provider who understands the finer details of this technology. You need someone who will take the time to understand all of the different devices and machines you want to connect, what kind of admin tasks would benefit from automation and find the most reliable connection possible. Following a thorough consultation, they’ll be able to map out the best M2M applications for you and talk you through the different ways they’ll help you.

Also ensure that your M2M provider offers a great level of support and customer care – of course if you choose us for your M2M solutions, we promise that as standard!

By implementing a specially designed M2M connectivity platform, you’ll soon start reaping the rewards. You’ll notice a reduction in downtime, an uplift in productivity and output, a lowering of overheads and subsequently, an increase in satisfied customers – plus happier staff too!

Our experts are always happy to help, so if you need guidance on any of the points raised above, or some honest and transparent advice to find the very best M2M connectivity management platform and M2M applications to help your business, please call us on 0800 269 546.

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