Posted on 05/09/17

When it comes to business communications, the market can feel a little over-saturated with options and solutions, so it can be tricky to find the best approach and most cost-effective way to manage your technology comms - so we thought we’d provide a useful guide to data only sim card packages, and how they could benefit your business...

When it comes to devices, data and connectivity, we’re simply spoiled for choice these days, but every option is the right fit for someone - but how do you know if a data only sim card package will offer real value to you?

One of the key things that many businesses don’t realise is that it’s a really flexible option if you want to manage costs, shun commitment or connect less conventional system devices.

Why choose a data only sim card deal?

When making any business overhead decision, it always pays to get some professional advice to ensure it’s the right strategy for your business.

To help you make a decision, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits:

  • Flexibility - nothing else gives you more options really when it comes to business connectivity, as you can be flexible on contract terms, data capacity, devices and network. Nice!
  • Device costs - purchasing your devices and data sim cards separately isn’t always the right approach, but it can work in a variety of scenarios e.g.
    • You may already have devices which are out of contract and still work perfectly well
    • You may have system devices already in use
    • You won’t be paying extra for spreading the cost of your phone or tablet via a contract
    • You have more freedom when it comes to upgrading your device
    • You can switch your sims between any unlocked device
  • Data costs - shop around and there are some great deals to find with data only sims, and you can compare across all networks to ensure great coverage too
  • On your terms - data only sim cards can be acquired on monthly rolling contracts, so if you’re not sure how much data you’re going to use, or only need it for a limited time such as for some remote working, you can adapt your contract to suit - keeping you in control at all times if you wish!
  • Dual sim options - prefer to keep business and pleasure separate, but want to keep things tidy? With a dual sim, your staff can use their personal handsets or tablets for work, while keeping usage and accounts separate

What can you use a data only sim card for?

Data only sims can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Phones - the obvious use of a data only sim card is to provide access to the internet or business systems while on the move, via a handset or mobile phone device - however, in most circumstances, users would also require other methods of communication via their mobile, so would be more likely to opt for a minutes/text/data package
  • Tablets - businesses sometimes buy data only sims for use in work tablets and iPads, so that staff can use them for taking orders, raising invoices and sending information to head office, other departments or even the kitchen in a restaurant!
  • Dongles - if you have work laptops that get taken out of the office, or sales or other staff who tend to work remotely in their day-to-day role, then you can use a data only sim card in a dongle - so they can connect it to their laptop for reliable internet access, enabling them to carry out their work efficiently, wherever they may be
  • M2M/other types of device - data only sim cards are often used for M2M purposes, which can cover a wide variety of different types of business-specific devices, such as:
    • Tachographs for driver monitoring
    • GSPS devices
    • Warehouse/fulfilment software devices

How can a data only package benefit your business?

First of all, there’s no point paying for something you don’t need, so while a sim card that has a talk/text tariff included may be appropriate for business mobile phones, you don’t really need one for the other devices and uses listed above.

In most cases, a data only package will be cheaper than an inclusive tariff - so they definitely represent the best value if you only need internet connectivity.

Businesses that opt for data only usually do so because they need to ensure that staff have access to certain systems and facilities to help them do their job, such as:

  • Emails - keeping in touch with colleagues, suppliers and customers is vital, and as we move evermore towards online communications, emails have become an essential tool for every business
  • Documents - in response to customer or internal requests, we often need to access documentation, invoices and other electronically stored information, so having data access at all times means you can provide a more efficient service and get jobs done more quickly
  • Collaboration tools - a lot of file sharing goes on in organisations, and sometimes multiple people will be working on the same project or documents, so having instant access to real-time changes can be a huge boost for productivity. It allows colleagues to collaborate more effectively and can increase customer satisfaction too
  • Databases - we store lots of information in databases now, so making it always available makes sense - things like customer records and pricing systems are just two sets of data we may need to access at any time
  • Reporting and monitoring tools - businesses often have a central platform for collating, storing and sharing complex information from across the entire organisation. Being online all the time can speed up the process of creating reports and monitoring activity

Finding the best data only sim deal

Your provider should be happy to help you identify the best data only sim card deal for your individual needs, take into account:

  • The number of users/devices
  • The amount of data you need per sim/per month
  • Package flexibility - whether a set-period contract or a rolling contract is most appropriate for your needs
  • Network - which one will give you the best coverage?

If you’re a small business with just a few employees, it will be a quick and simple process to get the right package, but larger organisations will have more complex requirements, so it pays to get professional advice and support throughout the decision making journey.

Our experts are always happy to help, so if you need guidance on any of the points raised above, or some honest and transparent advice to find the very best data only sim card deal - and devices too if required - call us on 0800 269 546 and we’ll guide you through the process.

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